Not what you want to come home to

I was in Phoenix, Arizona at a very unique museum out in the desert devoted entirely to the world of music from every continent. They were having a show of musical instruments that I would term Hollywood memorabilia. They had guitars from famous rock and roll stars. It was quite a rare collection and well worth the long drive to get there. They certainly had to go to a lot of trouble to amass these treasures. The shapes and colors were phenomenal. They looked like works of art. It was not the typical museum I visit but rather was quite special.

Since I had gone all this way, I decided to view the museum’s entire contents which took hours. After all, you don’t find yourself out in the middle of nowhere in Phoenix just any day. I would place the museum in the top ten in the world and recommend it highly. I was gone a day for surveying the musical holds of the museum and another for driving. I hesitated to head home so soon but I had had a very good time.

After a long drive, I expected to kick back and relax in the pool immediately to unwind. You have to concentrate so hard when you are driving. You need to clear your head. I had images of the cool, clear water all the way home in the car. When I got to the house, I unloaded my stuff and proceeded to put everything away. It was all taking time away from my impending swim. No matter. I would be cool and comfortable in no time. Or so I thought. When I changed my clothes and grabbed a nice soft terry towel, I was more than ready. But it was not to be. To my great surprise and chagrin something had gotten stuck in the pool filter of the above ground pool while I was on the museum trip and this thing, whatever it was, had damaged the filter.

It appeared not to be operating or making its usual motor-like noise. The pool was full of tiny debris: the sort of stuff that falls off the yard trees and makes the water less than appetizing. Emergency call to the pool man! He was not available. I begged and pleaded. I would die if I didn’t get my swim. It was a warm day and I was so looking forward to cooling off and reviving myself. He promised to come the next day, which he did. Okay, I would have to delay my pleasure. After extracting the embedded tree branch from the filter, he tried to resurrect the less than perfect device to no avail. He had to go out a buy a new one. All this took a very long time. It was nightfall before I was in the water, but alas, I was there now.