Hotel Perks

I love travelling to the various museums of the world. You never will run out if you visit one every day and never duplicate. If you expand your interests, you might learn quite a few new things. You don’t have to stick to the traditional. There are thousands from the great city museums like London, New York, and Paris to the smallest towns in the country. They house every kind of treasure from art and artifacts to military and automobile history memorabilia. You can find doll house museums, electronic invention museums, or farm equipment from yore. There is something for everyone no matter what your interest. It can be very arcane. If it is books, there are libraries. If it is plants, there are arboretums. A museum can be a loose term for any collection of items in a given category. You name it, it has a museum.

When you travel to get to your favorite museums, you get to experience a variety of hotels. Some of them are pretty basic but others have nice amenities.

One of the fun things about travelling to various museums is all the hotels (and amenities) you get to experience. Some of my favorite hotels have hot tubs. Somehow after having enjoyed them so often, it has become a bit of a priority for me. It isn’t enough to have a swimming pool. I crave the hot swirling water that only the Hottest Tubs can serve up. I love the jet sprays and steam. Who doesn’t love to relax after a day on your feet in a museum. It makes it seem like a real vacation. A hot tub is quiet as kids are usually in the pool. It can be temperature controlled just the way you like it. If you are lucky they will have bar service outside near the tub so you can enjoy a glass of wine. I like to listen to music on my cell phone although I have been known to accidentally drop it in the water. I will leave it to the hotel to supply some background music. Most hotels let you use the hot tub all day long into the late evening so you can soak your weary bones just before bed. I find it the perfect panacea for whatever ails you. Plus, you never know who you will meet in the tub. Perhaps another museum lover like me and we can share experiences. You can get some tips from hearing what people like. In Phoenix, I was surprised that I had missed the music museum way out in the desert. It had displays of every period of music history with visible instruments of the period and tapes of them in use. They also had instruments from around the world. This was one of the best tip offs I had in a very long time. It is not to be missed. If I hadn’t been in the hot tub, I wouldn’t have found out. The next day I was back to recount my adventure and encourage others to partake on their own.