Lazy Day

Don’t get me wrong. I love traveling most anywhere to visit various museums, but there is a time to take a breather and kick back. You have to relax, recharge, and get ready to roll once again. There is always another museum you haven’t yet visited. We all have our different ways of resting. When I am in a nice hotel and have seen the museums nearby, I can take an afternoon off and lounge by the hotel pool. I stay in modest hotels, but they all have a pool or two and usually they are nicely landscaped and attractive. I have witnessed more than one palm tree swaying in the wind. My family can sit with me and chat or enjoy the water. When they are off and doing their own thing, I grab a pool lounge float from the hotel equipment stand and relax while I am in the water. I like the really big pools where there is a lot of room to cover. I chose a large inflatable so I could lie down and look at the sky. It was a hot summer day and the blue above was breathtaking.

Most inflatable lounge floats are too small for my taste and are mainly designed for kids. If you want to dangle your feet in the water, it’s fine. I like to put a towel down and stretch out to my full length and I am not short. Just spare me the splashing kids who are enjoying themselves with too much glee. I have been tipped over while in such hotel pools more than once to my chagrin. I will have to get rid of the towel I think. You can’t get mad because this is what kids do. It is kind of cute to see them having so much fun together. From time to time kids ask me if they can ride on the lounge float and I always say yes. I want to be a good sport after all. You just have to make it clear that you want it back as some kids will hog it for the whole day. I politely say that there are more floats on the equipment stand so go get your own. The kids just don’t want to get out of the water even for a second. The stand is a bit far away and they don’t want to hurt their little feet walking on the hot pool decking.

I do travel a lot so some hotels are modest and don’t have a pool. Some have a pool but no equipment stand. I sometimes take my inflatable lounge float with me folded into a small package that fits in a carrying case. You have to be ready to make your own fun no matter the circumstances. Every trip and every hotel is different. One thing they have in common is a quiet place to rest. You are on your feet a lot in museums so it feels so good to lie down.