Starting Our Summer Museum Tour Off Right!

The David family is on the move. Our route has been plotted, reservations made, the car loaded up. This year we are tackling some East Coast museums, like the Constitution Museum and the Harriet Beecher Stowe House. We’re keeping it kind of low-key and close to home this summer. Granted, that was not our first pick for how we were going to spend the summer. Originally we were going to go to Hawaii but then Felicia’s mom got sick. We decided it would be better to stay reasonably local just in case we needed to come back right away. We haven’t totally put aside Hawaii, though. I really want to see the USS Arizona Memorial, and I know the kids want to go somewhere “normal” like their friends, which I think is kind of funny because I know they both want to go to the Polynesian Cultural Center. We might go in the winter over break, or we might just wait and do it next year; it’s going to depend on Felicia’s mom.

Anyway, because we budgeted for a whole lot of airfare we never purchased, and to kind of ease the downer of the Hawaii trip being postponed (we’ve been careful not to say cancelled in front of the kids), we are staying at a nicer standard of hotels than we normally do. It isn’t a tropical island paradise, true, but it is something. I’ve told the kids to enjoy this now because it likely won’t happen ever again. And they certainly are taking advantage of the situation, let me tell you. Marcus and Tonya are already at the hotel pool and we’ve only been here an hour. Felicia always goes straight into the bathroom to check out all those little samples of shampoo and soaps they put out for guests. This time, she called me in there to show me what looked like a thermostat on the wall. We played with it a little and discovered that the floor has a radiant heat system. I had no idea that it was a real thing that you can do with a bathroom floor but apparently you can. The tile was pleasantly warm pretty quickly, a nice offset to the incredibly low room temperature. Marcus likes to set the a/c to practically freezing in hotels because I can’t complain like I do at home about electricity bills. Once she figured out that the floor was its own sort of tropical paradise, Felicia kicked me out of the bathroom and decided she was going to take a bath. I think I’ve created a monster with this luxury hotel thing. I don’t think she’s ever coming out of that bathroom again.

With the whole gang off doing their thing, I thought I’d take a minute to write up a post and take advantage of the hotel’s free wifi. Next, I plan on grabbing the room service menu and having a bit of a feast. It was a long drive thanks to an accident, and I’m pretty hungry.