My Favorite Place to Go


If I had to pick a museum that is my very favorite, I have to say, I’m biased. I’d pick my hometown Museum of Natural History. I don’t know, maybe it’s from having gone there as a kid, or maybe it is because it is just a train ride away, but I could go there every day and not get bored. You’ve got that stunning building with its amazing architecture, the incredible view of the park, and oh, the treasures housed within!

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with one thing: dinosaurs. When you walk into that gorgeous rotunda and see the giant Barosaurus, oh, it’s knock-your-socks-off awesome. You just know you’re in for something special. There might be bigger and better exhibits elsewhere (I’m looking at you, Wyoming Dinosaur Center, but I didn’t see that until after we had kids) but I’m loyal to my first love.  They revamped the 4th floor when the kids were small and it’s even more amazing now. The saber tooth cat is my absolute favorite. It’s amazing to think, with all these animals that have evolved for precision or camouflage or something, there was this big goofy looking idiot out there with those giant teeth. I’m laughing just thinking about it.

Now I love to go there and check out the Rose Center, which Tonya got me hooked on. Because who doesn’t want to know what they would weigh throughout the universe (besides my wife, I mean)? That’s just cool. And they put all this mind-boggling information out there in such a smart and interesting way. It’s a surefire kids into outer space. In other words, it’s not your run of the mill science fair solar system model. Everything is done to scale and awesomely done.

The wife has dragged me to the hall of gems enough times that it’s become one of my favorites, too. We got to see the Hope Diamond there once when it was travelling.  Wow. And the Star of India, which is just amazing.My wife’s favorite stone is an emerald, and we stare at the Patricia and wonder what we’d turn it into if I could buy it for her. I can’t even imagine how much it would cost!

And Marcus? Well, he loves the big blue whale (and what trip to the Museum of Natural History is complete without a visit to the whale?) and all the great ocean life dioramas.  His favorite is the sperm whale and giant squid. We used to make up stories about that diorama, what was happening and who we thought was going to win. The stories were never the same twice.

That’s why I like it there so much. There’s something for all of us, and I’ve got special memories there with each member of my family. I can walk through there by myself, or with any combination of my family, and have a great day. I call that a major win.